The Collectible TOY_019 is a Military-Class ‘Marine-Baby’ from the Combat-Division in the Arcadean-Army, available for StarArena War-Lords or Power-Patrons. Sealed for your own safety in a luxury Toy-Pack!

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Action Figure Guarantee & Delivery.

  • All Toys are Hand-Casted by their Game-Smith.
  • Comes With A Certificate-Of-Authenticity Signed By The Creator.
  • The TOYS are scale-models of the Cyber-Fiction game-clones played in the MegaWar of 2520 and made available for hardcore collectors.


Salutations, Reader. This post is to point out that TOY_019 can be acquired as a War Lord Reward. These Sub Commercial Limited Editions ‘War Baby’ Works of Art are Uniquely and Sequentially Numbered, Guaranteed One Of A Kind! This Marine War-Baby can be Yours, and ‘Only Yours’ for the Coin or Credit amount of; € 320,- (ex VAT)

Your Purchase & Patronage will help in the further Game Development of StarArena Games. The Unique Battle Clone below has Serial #019.128A (TOY_019) and is 1 of 8 from Atomic Baby Clones: Ultra Toy Set_03. This Toy-Pack contains: 1x Infantry Marine Baby Clone, 1x Modem_3.0, 3x Star Coins, 1x Meta Coin, comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity and is Signed By The Creator.

These *Big Daddy* Benefactors, who dare adopt a War Baby? Are given the Status of War Lord in the StarArena_MetaVerse records and archives! All Support is received with; “Glory & Gratitude”.

  • TOY_019


Inherited from the early beginnings, when the Star Arena was solely a platform to ‘Train & Test’ the Cyber Soldier of the Future, all terrains are present to emulate the conditions on earth. The ‘Guardian God’ that presides of the Blue Terrains is Suijin. (水神)

The Blue War Babies are the children of the Water God and therefore best equipped for missions in Aqua Territory! Each Army Division of The Arcade has their own Infantry. Even though it might seem a contradiction in terms; The Aqua Infantry are Foot Soldiers for the Water Army. (No! Not; Navy! This is reserved for the Fleet of Cyber Spacecrafts manufactured for troop deployment and long distance journeys into Deep Space.)

These Amphibious’ Baby Clones have a longstanding track record for exploring uncharted Cyber Space in this Virtual World. The Special Forces of the Aqua Dominion are know as Marines and are frequently deployed for Reconnaisance Missions in the darker side of the web.

Only Available Via StarArena.Toys or Patreon!

The Product is Packed and ready to be shipped worldwide!
So; Who Dares Adopt A War-Baby!?



*No~Worries; You will get the Correct Color Clone!
I only took the Green Toy Box picture… Not knowing I was gonna use it…

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Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 15 mm

The StarArena Soldier Game Pieces can be found at the front lines of Battle, where most of the boots on the ground stories will take place, among the Foot Soldiers 兵士 of the Arcadean Armed Forces! Some say; The Sacrificial Children of a Nation? But these Battle Bred #Atomic Baby Clones are top of the gene pool and Cyber Warfare Soldiers of the Future for Millennia past! Arcadean Infantry 歩兵 Rule and Dominate the Battle Grid!

“Join the Cyber Infantry and become a Man amongst Babies!”
*Just don’t tell your Mom!!

Modem 3.0

The first Modem Prototypes for The Card Game appeared in 2017. After initial testing in the War Room we soon discovered their potential and took them into production. The Third Edition is the pride of the Star Arena Modems!

Part of the ‘Coin Upgrade’ research and development phase, the 2019 Design production prototype arrived in the War Room early 2020. Star Arena: Modem_3 embodies all the qualities we aim to offer! It is a true pick up and go power product that organizes and enhances game play in the best way possible.

What makes this Lives & Wins counter so great, are the build in wheels to keep score on both sides. So no more losing dice in your pocket when you are in transit to another battle site on earth. Once you set up your battle zone on any given desktop, you can focus on; Kicking Ass And Taking Coins!


Within the StarArena.GameSystem: Coin-Ups! are an essential Game Mechanic you ‘Really’ need to learn and master when playing with Miniatures. Not to worry!! This ‘Action’ or ‘Ludeme’ is very easily explained and understood; Arcade Coin-Ups are Power-Ups with Coins!

Game Coins give Power!! …And; Different types of Coins give different types of Power!

Scale 1:8 Model

These Toy-Models of genuine Atomic Baby Clones tower 12 centimeters on your desk (measured from the foot-mount. They are Scale-Models from the original Military-Issued Battle-Clones future operators navigate in the StarArena_MetaVerse to defend The Arcade in 2520. Whatchu Waiting For; Get~One!

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