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Evolve Into A New Art-Form!

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Welcome To The Toy-Gallery: The TBH Crew Has 'Evolved' Graphiti From 'TAGS 2 TOYS!'

Salutations, Reader.
Your humble game-smith has never kept it a secret that he engaged in ‘Voluntary Defacement of Public Property‘. If anything, the spirit that fueled and drove him to ‘Get Up‘ is the same energy source that inspires him to create Comics & Cards. From this chaos, a new and fresh form of bombing was born: Converting One’s TAG into a TOY!

Behold the latest regeneration and evolution of Graffiti into Graphiti!

StarArena® Proudly Presents: ‘TOY-BABY-HEROES!’

Top-Tier teams of the Arcadian Infantry are the tip-of-the-spear, pointed towards the demon-army bastards from the depths of Hell. The vast majority of War-Stories take place on the front lines of battle during the siege for The Arcade. Amidst Armageddon, the #AtomicBabyClones take their place at the forefront, participating in a Battle-Royal to determine the next-generation of Toy-Baby-Heroes!

Fighting alongside them are a group of outlaws, unregistered-users of The Arcade, and owners of pirate copies of Battle-Clones: Gods-Vicious-Babies. Both Soldiers and Outlaws are available as limited-edition collectible Toy-Packs, exuding luxury, as part of a promotional campaign for StarArena®Games. Each Toy-Pack comes with a Modem and Game-Coins for you to enter the StarArena_MetaVerse in style!

Get your 'Toy-Baby-Hero' today and help this 'GameSmith' on his way...

Having Your Own ‘Action-Figures’ Is A Graffiti-Writers Wet-Dream!

Drawing Comics & Cards Is Definitely The Core Activity For The Creator Of The StarArena, Nevertheless He Likes To Explore How To Elevate Making Packaging Design For His Trademark-Characters Into A New Art-Form And Keep On Bombing! …As Toy-King Aeternus!!

Help Keep The Dream Alive And Support Further Game Development;
Browse The Gallery And Get Yourself An #AtomicBabyClone!

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